In a Cash Crunch? How to Earn Some Extra Money.

The Quill Pen Pal

Almost everybody needs a quick source of cash from time to time. Whether you just need to pay monthly bills or cover some unforeseen expense, it's always good to have an extra source or two to fall back on. The following ideas are some general examples of how to do just that.

Get a part-time job
A part-time job can be anything from stocking shelves to house sitting on the weekend. There are literally hundreds of ways to make quick money by doing odd jobs part time. You just have to take the time to find something that fits your schedule and interests.

Hold a garage sale
Simply by posting fliers at coffee shops and laundromats, and making legible signs that can be seen from busy streets in your area, you can easily increase the cash that your sale generates. And that's not the only benefit from having a garage sale—you'll also have a much cleaner house!

Sell on Craig's List or eBay®
Old books, CDs, records, clothing, odds and ends—people buy all kinds of things. Even when you're just selling small items, the money adds up. But you must remember to make sure that the buyer—not you—pays the cost of shipping.

Dog walk and pet sit
Pet owners will always be looking for reliable care services. Just get the word out to local pounds, veterinarian's offices and doggy parks. Also be prepared to provide references.

Sell homegrown fruits and vegetables
You don't have to be a professional farmer to produce delicious, organic produce. Just present your product in an appealing way—with plastic or cardboard produce containers (salvaged from a grocery store) and computer-printed labels with a logo or theme. If you give your product appeal, you'll be able to succeed.

Get paid to take surveys
Online, there are several sites that pay participants to take surveys. Just remember not to be fooled into paying a membership fee for access to take them!

Have your car wrapped
If you spend a lot of time on the road in metropolitan areas, consider transforming your car into a rolling billboard. Both big and small companies are willing to pay to have your car "wrapped" with their logos and advertisements. Here you can make quite a few extra bucks for allowing a business to paint their message on your car.

Use these ideas for quick ways to generate cash. It always pays to have alternative methods of generating revenue when you need it the most!

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